Chapter 35 (cont.)


Sleepus Interruptus: Emergency Situation


“Spring semester, senior year. I lived in a downstairs School Lane apartment. There was this really burnt out guy who lived above us. It was like 8 AM on a Saturday morning, and I shared the front bedroom with my best friend and we were both sound asleep, as were both of our girlfriends. Burnt Out Guy proceeds to bang on the front door for five minutes while yelling about an ‘emergency situation.’ Nobody got out of bed to answer the door but we were able to communicate through the open window. All he would tell us was that he had an emergency situation. We kept telling him to leave but he wouldn't. Finally, he announced that he needed a condom. Of course we furnished one, and went back to sleep.”


- Erik, UD '94


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy


“I lived above Happy Harry’s my senior year. The location was awesome. I never had to walk far to get to anything. Unfortunately there weren't any parking spaces for those apartments. We had to purchases spots in the lot behind the building. We got into some kind of a prank war with guys down the hall. I don't even know who they were. They would prop a garbage can full of gross leftovers up against one of our doors, and then when we opened the door everything would spill into our apartments. It was so gross!”


- Jessica R, UD '05


Warm Welcome


“I've never lived in Ivy Hall or even set foot in there really...I just remember always wanting to live there when I was younger, because it's one of the first UD related things you see when you go over the bridge onto campus.”


- Christine D, UD '05


Take a Seat: Surf’s Up


“The funniest end of year moving-out I've ever witnessed was sitting on my porch on Lincoln, watching people from Madison couch surfing on the way to the dumpster. People would hook up their furniture to a truck and take a ride. The best was when they pulled the sofa bed -- sparks were flying everywhere. Nothing like the entertainment you witness sitting on a stoop at UD.”


- Julie, UD '98


Campus Critter: The Nuts Upstairs


“I used to live in 396 South College (the old Men's Rugby house) in 2001 - 2002. In the past, 396 had twenty guys living in it! There were five girls that lived with me. Squirrels lived in our attic but it was a huge great house with a huge yard!”


- UDWRFC, UD '03


Slice Like a Ninja, Cut Like a Razor Blade


“Kinda dumb, but I was a student when ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice was released. You would have thought it was the second coming. No matter what people say now, especially the guys, everyone loved that song. I was at a party at Towne Court the first night I ever heard it. My friend kept playing it over and over. The apartment was packed, and I swear, it was ROCKING! It's funny looking back now, but it seemed like nothing could ever get any better than that, or that song, which I guess is the essence of being 18 or 19. That's one of my favorite memories of college.”


- Stephanie, UD '93


Fun, Sun, and Breaking Stuff


“I spent most of my college years over in the Wilbur Street area. My friends and I all lived between North Street, Prospect Street, and Wilbur. I partied every Thursday night at 92 and 94 Wilbur Street. At the time a band named the Healthy Doses lived there and they had EPIC beer pong tournaments. It was great fun. They also had the best porch for hanging on.


Spent the better part of my senior year (2000 - 2001) between 4 and 6 Prospect Street. ‘The Boys’ lived at 4 and ‘The Girls’ lived at 6. We would often head over to 4 Prospect around 2 PM to get our drink on. This would usually lead to some heckling off the back deck. We would wait to see a group of kids heading back to Pencader or the ROTC kids out doing a workout then we would opt for one of our two favorite heckling games: 1) Wait for a group of girls to walk by and yell ‘NICE ASS’, hoot and holler. Wait for one to turn around and then yell ‘NOT YOU! THE GIRL!,’ 2) Wait for a group of kids to walk by. Grab the 4’ x 6’ wall mounted mirror and catch the sun’s reflection in it. This made an instant spot light. Point it at a group of kids and follow them yelling all kinds of ‘fun’ things. The game here was to make sure you keep the spotlight on them while they try to dodge you. This was awesome fun!


Another fond memory was when my best friend was given a grant from UD to do a ‘destrumentory.’ What is that, you ask? UD gave my friend a couple grand to break stuff, film it, and put it to music. It was all in the name of art! Let’s just say many, many objects met a horrible death at the hands of the bungee-ball. It is amazing what a bowling ball on a couple of bungee cords can do.


Prank wars. All I have to say is never get into one and then leave your house on Wilbur Street for Spring Break. It is really impressive what six college kids, a screwdriver and a handle of whiskey can accomplish in an evening. I could go on all day.”


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