Chapter 52:



Kildare's was most recently above Grotto's, since 2008. It was many things prior!Neeeeeext! As of this writing in September 2015, it's TBD what's taking the "Brickyard" space above Grotto’s. It was home to Kildare’s fr0m 2008 to 2015…immediately prior it had been Shaggy’s on Main, and then before that…well, keep reading, it’ll all piece together.


The Brickyard opened in the Galleria in August of 1996, but then circa 2001 it underwent a name change to the “Main Street Tavern and Grill.” Many people still refer to that space as "The Brickyard" right through today, even through all the name changes.


The best Brickyard promotion I had heard of, hands down, was the “Bladder Burst.” As I understand it, beer (Miller Lite, or similar) was 25 cents per glass. The bathrooms were rigged with an alarm and a flashing light over the door; if someone broke the seal to the bathroom, it’d set it off, the drink special would end for the night, and the perpetrator would be the object of ridicule…or until they ran out the front door.



Rumor: When the space was being renovated into Shaggy's in 2005, it was discovered that all of the taps at the old Brickyard bar went back to kegs of Natty Light, regardless of whatever the taps said.


Dude, this is: Unverifiable. At least, during the process of compiling this website I didn’t receive verification directly from an eyewitness. Um, yeah…well, I did actually.



Burst and Bongos


“I just want to say, bartending at the Bladder Burst SUCKED. But it was relatively funny to watch. And NO, it wasn't always a GIRL that broke the seal, there were many times that some dude who didn't give a f*ck would just go ahead and break the caution tape over the doors. But there were usually people peeing over the balcony, going downstairs to Grotto's, whatever they could, to not break that tape! Brickyard did away with the Bladder Burst because the ABC was up their ass.


Tuesdays at the Brickyard used to be PACKED! Jefe played acoustic and Jim (and then later, Marty) would play the bongos, and there would be people dancing was so much fun!”


- Jen M, UD '01


Yard and 'Tards


“The Brickyard at least around 2001 - 2002 used to rock. My buddy and I would get there early and park ourselves at the bar for $4 Yuengling pitchers all night long…so we'd spend maybe $12 each and get retarded. And the whole night, fine ladies would reach past us to the bar to get their own drinks. But then we'd have to hike it back to the Towers, and man walking down those steps toward Pencader sucked…especially almost falling in the creek at the bottom when you were trying to take a piss.”


- James KRC, UD '03


No Self Service


“My roommate got thrown out of the Brickyard in '97, for filling up his own pitchers at the bar on his 21st birthday.”


- Keith W, UD '98


Drinks Yes, Food No


“My friends and I practically used to live at the Brickyard, we were there so much. The food kinda sucked, but it was definitely the place to go for drinks and dancing. Man, I miss UD!”


- Leah, UD '01


The Name Game


“I think it went from ‘The Brickyard,’ to ‘Main Street Tavern and Grill,’ to ‘Main Street USA’ while I was there from '99 - '03, but they were all the same owners and staff. We used to go there in-between classes for cheap lunch and cheap booze. The day bartender used to hook us up big time. Once we took a classmate there on his 21st and the bartender gave us all the rail liquor, and let us mix and make up our own drinks.”


- Rob S, UD '03


The Longest Hour


“I went there for my 21st birthday in December 2001, and they had a promotion that you could get any sized container filled with beer for two bucks. I think I had a 64 oz mug. For a while, they had a very popular Happy Hour with free food and those cheap pitchers of beer. I remember leaving class Friday afternoon, going there for Happy Hour, and leaving the bar at 1 AM still having my books from class, as I never went home. It was great.”


- Anonymous, UD '02


Fan of the Shag


“In 2007, Shaggy's was the place to be on Thursdays, although it was always crowded on the weekends as well. It was a great place, chill atmosphere with some decent live bands, and really great DJs. They didn’t have any great drinking things like that Bladder Burst (which sounds amazing by the way), but their $2 rail drinks always seemed to do the trick. Lines could be a huge pain on the weekends, but if you can somehow managed to get a VIP card you'd never wait in line to get in.”


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