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Site Map (You’re on it now, dude.)




In the Beginning


Chapter 1: New Student Orientation

Chapter 2: Landing on Planet Newark

Chapter 3: First Beer of the Year




Chapter 4: The Christiana Towers

Chapter 5: Pencader, R.I.P.

Chapter 6: Independence Complex

Chapter 7: Ray Street

Chapter 8: Rodney, R.I.P.

Chapter 9: Dickinson, R.I.P

Chapter 10: East Campus

Chapter 11: North Central

Chapter 12: South Central

Chapter 12.1: Academy Street


Dining Halls


Chapter 13: That's the Plan

Chapter 14: Pencader Dining Hall

Chapter 15: Rodney Dining Hall, R.I.P.

Chapter 16: Russell Dining Hall

Chapter 17: Harrington Dining Hall, R.I.P.

Chapter 18: The Scrounge

Chapter 19: The Abbey, R.I.P.

Chapter 20: Trabant Food Court

Chapter 21: Kent Dining Hall

Chapter 21.1: Rodney Dining Fresh Food Company

Chapter 22: Market Value

Chapter 23: This and That


The UD Campus


Chapter 24: Mall Together Now!

Chapter 25: North Mall, er, Green

Chapter 26: Memorial Hall

Chapter 27: Morris Library

Chapter 28: South Mall, er, Green

Chapter 29: Old College

Chapter 30: The Beach

Chapter 31: The Quad

Chapter 32: Perkins Student Center

Chapter 33: Trabant University Center

Chapter 34: Like, Other Stuff

Chapter 34.1: Campus Construction Timeline




Chapter 35: What's the rent?

Chapter 36: 65 East Cleveland

Chapter 37: Order for delivery…


UD Life


Chapter 38: Academics

Chapter 39: The Simpler Life

Chapter 40: Procrastination Station

Chapter 41: That's the Ticket!

Chapter 42: You know, it's A.S.H.A.M.E.

Chapter 43: Drunk and Drunker


The Bar Scene


Chapter 44: Stone Balloon, R.I.P.

Chapter 45: Memories from Balloon Bands

Chapter 46: The Deer Park Tavern

Chapter 47: Down Under, R.I.P.

Chapter 48: Klondike Kate's

Chapter 49: Quizzo at Kate's

Chapter 50: Iron Hill Brewery

Chapter 51: Grotto's

Chapter 52: Brickyard, R.I.P.

Chapter 53: East End Cafe, R.I.P.

Chapter 54: Sam's Steakhouse, R.I.P.

Chapter 55: Colorado Ski Company, R.I.P.

Chapter 56: Odds and Ends


Music and Fests


Chapter 57: College Soundtrack

Chapter 57.1: The Ultimate UD Band List

Chapter 58: Wilburfest

Chapter 59: Skidfest

Chapter 60: Cavestock

Chapter 61: Elktonfest

Chapter 62: Piketoberfest and Pika Luau

Chapter 63: Chapelfest

Chapter 63.1: Rest of the Fests


Town of Newark


Chapter 64: P.D.I.

Chapter 65: The State of Main

Chapter 65.1: Elkton Road

Chapter 66: Quite a Character




Chapter 67: It was Madness!

Chapter 68: UD wins AA

Chapter 68.1: Delaware Donne


All Good Things


Chapter 69: Graduation

Chapter 70: Homecoming

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