Chapter 60:



Inside of "The Cave"  in 1991, courtesy of Jill HP, UD '92During my first semester at UD, I’d hear some people on my Dickinson floor talk about a mysterious house called “The Cave.” I had no clue where it was. Well, early in my college career, I barely knew where anything was.


But sure, later on I heard about “Cavestock.” It ran throughout the '90s, and probably was in existence during the '80s. Though I can’t remember attending a Cavestock, I do have vague recollections of attending a regular Cave party.


Anyway, until I started the original DelGrads on MySpace page, I actually had no idea that The Cave on South College Ave was inhabited from year-to-year by members of the Men’s Swim team. The team also had another house on South College, well known for massive Beer Pong tourneys (it’s BEIRUT godammit!), until the era ended: UD bought The Cave house circa '99, and the other Swim House was flattened! There’s now a “normal” house where it stood.

Exterior of the house, September 2006. "The Cave" is actually the left side, obscured by the tree (sorry!)


Rumor: The Cave is mentioned in a song by A Tribe Called Quest.


Dude, this is: True I think, but difficult to verify without getting in touch with the band. The Tribe song would be “The Chase, Part II” from their 1993 album Midnight Marauders. At the tail end of the song, Q-Tip says, “The Cave rock rock on…” Sure, it could be about someplace somewhere else called “The Cave,” but hey all you cynics, let’s give the rumor the benefit of the doubt, and say it’s TRUE!



Me Cave Chick


“I lived in The Cave from the Fall of '90 to the of Spring '92. My friend's dad was the landlord; the girls that lived there were graduating, so we moved in. Before we did, all I knew was that it was a major party house, and the boys swim team lived there.


The Cave was officially the left side of the house. We were dubbed the ‘Cave Chicks’ and lived on the right side...but somehow we constantly had naked ‘Cave Dwellers’ casually walking through our side! I assume The Cave got its name because you walked in the front door and down a half flight of stairs, to a dark sunken living room that was very cave-like...there was a bear rug on the wall, with bear prints painted next to it.


Parties were fairly frequent, but Cavestock was the annual spring bash...I know we had over 500 people there one year. The local hot dog vendor set up in the backyard because the crowd was so big! (Digger’s Note: This wasn’t the Hot Dog Lady. It was some dude.) There was much competition between the parties among the swimmers in The Cave at 386 South College and their friends and fellow swimmers at 355 South College. Cavestock had been going strong for years before I moved in, and continued after I left.”


- Jill HP, UD '92A hot dog vendor at Cavestock '92, courtesy of Jill HP, UD '92, Glory Days at Delaware, and DelGrads are © 2006 – 2015 the guy who made this site. Website designed by Digger Designs.