Yeah, this is another old school interwebs page we’ve decided to include on the site. You don’t see link pages as much as you used to, and yes, the usage of the term “old school” was sorta’ pun intended in the previous sentence.


Below is a list of links related to the University of Delaware, Town of Newark, or something connected to Delaware or the content on this site. Have a link that should be added? Feel free to email delgrads(at), and we’ll add it, if it’s relevant enough.


University of Delaware - Home Page

University of Delaware - Webcam - South Mall, er, Green

University of Delaware - Webcam - Mentors' Circle (facing South College Ave)

Google Campus View of UD - Take a virtual stroll around UD!

Google Street View of Newark, DE - Take a virtual drive around UD!

City of Newark, DE


UD Review

STN 49 - UD Student Television

WVUD (Wilmington News Journal)

Newark Post



Hungry Hens

UDress Magazine

Talk Delaware


Midnight Sun Co.

Love Seed Mama Jump

S.T.A.R.S. Productions

The Nerds

Speaker City

Geno Bisconte / Quizzo

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