Chapter 65.1:



The legendary Eagle Diner in September 2006. Now long gone.Yep, this is a newly added chapter to Glory Days, as we didn’t have it in the 2007 print version. It makes though a lot of sense to have it now; as of January 1st, 2013, Elkton Road has been rebranded (believe it or not) as South Main Street. Well, it’d be the stretch of Elkton from basically the Deer Park down to where it hits West Park Place.


As stated on UDaily, “City Council members say they believe that changing the name of Elkton Road for this section of downtown will add to the success by associating it more closely with the city’s national award-winning Main Street and will foster additional growth.”


So, just like with our “State of Main” project (previous chapter), we’re gonna compile a timeline of changes on Elkton Road, er, I mean, South Main Street. Again, need your help. Oh, and if you haven’t been back to Newark in a while and driven down Elkton Road, they’re not kidding...


…so, icons on Elkton Road like The Crab Shack? Daffy Deli? The Eagle Diner? Star of India? Friendly’s? The Grainery Station building? All gone. And I’m not talkin’ new businesses moved into those locations, I mean they were totally flattened, with new construction -- and many new businesses -- taking their place. (Old) Elkton Road, you will be remembered, right here!, Glory Days at Delaware, and DelGrads are © 2006 – 2015 the guy who made this site. Website designed by Digger Designs.