Chapter 51:



Grotto's on Main Street (yes, you knew that), September 2006When I started UD in Fall 1991, I had never heard of Grotto’s. Can you blame me? The Main Street Galleria was still five years away, and I had never been to a Delaware beach. Though, definitely have enjoyed some Homecoming meals at Grotto’s post graduation. And whenever I’m in Newark, it’s easy to see that the current UD kids hanging there are…let’s say, in a good mood.



You Little Devil


“I didn't really discover Grotto’s until my sophomore year. I was friends with two of the managers, one being my roommate. Met my now husband there for the first time, although neither of us remembered the other being there. Went there the night before graduation to watch the Devils / Flyers Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals. Me and my friend were the ONLY Devils fans in the bar…and the only really happy people at the end of the night. Anytime we go back to Delaware, we end up at Grotto's for the night with our friends, it’s just a tradition. 'Where do you want to go Friday night? How about Grotto’s?'”


- Randi, UD '00


Happy on Thursday


“Ya’ really can't beat their deals...two bucks for a 25 oz beer, $2 you-call-its, half price pizza on Tuesdays, and half-price burgers on Thursdays. To me, Schmidty is the best bartender ever, and we will only go if he’s working! I had definitely been to my Thursday 8 PM class a bit tipsy.”


- NY, UD '07


Heavy Rotation


“Definitely my favorite place to go between classes. I had a 9:05 AM and then a 1:25, both in Smith, M-W-F, my senior year. You bet I was in there with two friends (one from the 9:05 class, and one from the 1:25 class) every M-W-F. Not to mention Sunday and Monday nights. Those $2, 22 ounces were the best thing going on Main Street. And also the all-you-can-eat pasta nights were a big hit in my book, too. I worked in the Office of Annual Giving one year, which is right behind Grotto's on Academy, and we used to go over there after our shifts at night and pig out.”


- Sally, UD '04


Take My Challenge!


“Before you graduate you absolutely must do the Grotto’s challenge. Go to Grotto’s at opening at 11 AM. Preferably on a nice day when you can sit outside and bug people you know to join you, as they walk by on Main Street. Then attempt to stay at Grotto’s until 1 AM closing. First time I did this I was kicked out at 9:30, after falling off my barstool…thirteen 22s and two tequila shots will do that to you.


My more successful challenge was the day before classes started fall of my senior year, where we went just to meet at 11 AM...and decided to stick around for 35 cent wings at 4 PM. We then ended up staying until 1 AM and randomly waking up at a friend’s place; I woke up twenty minutes before my first class of senior year. I went in the same clothes I'd been wearing the whole day before. Yes, the same clothes that many people in my class had seen me in the day before, as they did responsible things like buy their books. Needless to say, it was a great way to start off senior year.”


- Jenny, UD '06


I’m Trying to Work Here!


“I worked at Grotto’s from May of 2001 to May 2003, then I graduated and got a real job. Always tons of fun working there, except that for a while, employees couldn't drink at the bar, so we missed out on the $2 / 22 oz beers. My freshman year we used to go to all-you-can-eat pasta night all the time. Sometimes we'd hit up all-you-can-eat pizza night too, but Grotto pizza was definitely the best late night after the bars, or cold the morning after. And wherever the rumor of butter on the pizza came from, definitely not true.


My best day working there was after Homecoming one year. My friend and I thought we were geniuses and requested Homecoming off. Unfortunately, we forgot to ask for the next day off, so we both had to open the store at 10 AM. She and I were hung over all day, kept messing up orders, dropping things…we were a disaster. Only in college can you get away with that.”


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