Chapter 50:



Iron Hill in September 2006Non-existent when I attended Delaware, Iron Hill opened in November 1996. For me, it’s one of those things where when you visit UD post-graduation, you’re like, “Wait, when did this happen?”


Hey, nice décor, solid food, and people have a thing for beers brewed onsite. When I was in Newark in May of '06, Iron Hill looked to have become the hot spot on Wednesday nights; $3 House Beers, $2 Rail drinks, 1/2 Price Pizzas, and about a million boner-inducing UD girls. Yes, I know I used the word “boner” only two chapters ago to describe Kate’s. You’re welcome.



Rumor: When Iron Hill first opened, it produced a brand called “Blue Hen Beer.”


Dude, this is: False that Iron Hill produced it, but Blue Hen Beer did indeed exist! Blue Hen Beer was launched in 1990 by Jeff Johnson, and…well hey, visit, which includes a history of the brand!



First Impression


“Awww, I went to Iron Hill the night before Freshman Move-In Day! When I walked in, I quickly noticed that almost every table was made up of incoming freshmen and their families, which made me feel very excited…and a little nervous! Iron Hill always remains a nostalgic place for me, and in my opinion, it's also one of the best restaurants in the area.”


- Aliza I, UD '04


Uh, Oh


“I only ever set foot in there for dinner when someone else was paying. I tried to go to the bar there exactly twice, and both times ran into professors…no thanks.”


- Sally G, UD '04


Over the Hill


“IRON HILL, baby! I am a BIG fan. My friends and I hit it up at least once a week because it was so convenient. I had two great years living above that bar with my eleven best friends. Of course, we named ourselves the ‘Iron Hill Girls’ and made numerous t-shirts. We also have a plaque at Kate’s, with the appropriate name of ‘Iron Hill Girls.’ (Digger’s Note: Yeah, I don’t get why they have an ‘Iron Hill Girls’ plaque at Kate’s, either!)


We had awesome parties that would travel from one apartment to another, and linger into the hallways. The only problem was that everyone on campus seemed to know the security code to get in the building.


It was the perfect location, because we never had to drive, just walk across to Kate’s, or down the street to the Balloon (R.I.P.), Grotto’s, Shaggy’s (now Kildare’s) and Deer Park...and of course, downstairs. The thing I loved best about Iron Hill itself was the Raspberry Wheat was my chosen one. I have only amazing memories, and will always be an Iron Hill Girl at heart.”


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