Chapter 37:



Yep, you know what this is. September 2006.Oh, man. Pizza, fries, cheesesteaks, wings, burgers, subs. And if you wanted to go the healthy route, ice cream and cigarettes.


This is another one of those chapters that could potentially fill a hard drive. I mean, really, with the dozens of UD off-campus places to go stuff your face during any given year, and then all other the other ones that have come and gone over the past two or three decades…well, yeah.


So, I decided to make this chapter not nearly as long as it could be. But please don’t freak if you don’t see some of your favorites mentioned! Believe me, there’ll be tons of other establishments mentioned later on, concentrated in our “Bar Scene of Newark, DE” and “State of Main” sections.


One sit-down place I gotta throw in here though (that I had never heard of before I did research for this site), is Ashby’s Oyster House. Located at 19 Haines Street, I found an ad they did in 1987 for their Sunday brunch…hey, special brunch drinks were only a buck!


As for me and my boys who lived in Ivy Hall, our two most popular destinations: Taco Bell up Kirkwood Highway and then Jake’s Burgers (now rebranded as “Jake’s Wayback Burgers”). Jake’s was new when I started Delaware, and a glowing write-up in The Review propelled us to their little shack on Ogletown Road. I’ve always wondered why Jake’s hasn’t opened a Main Street location; maybe there’s no reason, raking in the bucks just fine where they are!



A Legend is Born


“'Chubbs' quickly became my college nickname, due to the fact that I used to order pizza every night from Pizza Movers, Ganello’s, or Daffy Deli. My status was confirmed when I once ordered a large pizza and some of my floormates wanted some slices. I ran to the basement and hid and enjoyed my pizza…privately.”


(Digger’s Note: I had forgotten about this incident, until Chubb’s wrote it out for this site…over twenty years later!)


- Chubbs, UD '96


Cholesterol Check, Please


“I pretty much became obsessed with Bacon, Egg & Swiss bagel sandwiches (or ‘Egg Sandies’ as we call them) from Newark Deli & Bagels. And since I worked at Cold Stone when they opened, I’d say I really enjoyed eating ice cream and candy everyday for a whole I wasn’t the fattest person alive, I don’t know. I miss Newark food.”


- Lauren VB, UD '05


Anything for Love


“Cluck-U! My favorite memory of that place was when I accompanied my then boyfriend and his fraternity as they participated in the 911 Challenge! It was pretty intense...the guys had sweat pouring down their faces and some of them looked like they were in some serious pain. Not all made it, but my boyfriend pulled through…but of course, he had a lady to impress!”


- Brenda, UD '02


Turkey Shoot


“Capriotti's all the way, in Newark Shopping Center!”


(Digger’s Note: I never opted for their signature “Bobbie” myself, but I knew MANY who did!)


- Chryss, UD '94


Drunk Food 101


“Ohhhhh lord, I was the queen of late night eating. My after-Balloon routine consisted of ordering two DP Dough calzones for myself. I remember I ordered one for lunch soberly one day, because I seemed to like them so much at night…one needs to be heavily inebriated to enjoy that slop fest.


The Cleveland Ave subs always lasted at least another three meals, unless you’re wasted when ordering, then they're devoured that second. Margherita’s Pizza was the closest thing in Newark to decent pizza, Peace a Pizza was DE ‘gourmet!’ Haha, I miss that crap!”


- Suss, UD '02


Down on the Korner


“I loooove the Korner Diner (Digger’s Note: Formerly “Jude’s,” before that, “Jimmy’s,” and currently “Cheeburger Cheeburger!”), my friends and I practically lived there all four years of college! We knew what to order and what NOT to order, that's for sure. We often played ‘The Humpty Dance’ just to annoy others. That jukebox was the best!”


- Christine D, UD '05


Weight To Go


“I always ordered from Wings To Go. Chicken tenders smothered in BBQ sauce and an order of cheese fries. That was basically my diet the whole of junior year. No wonder I regained the Freshman 15…ok, fine, the Freshman 25.”


- Kristen K, UD '05


DelaWeather: Chow Fun in the Snow


“I lived in Pencader during the big snow storm in February 2003. I'm pretty sure everyone was drunk the entire time. I know people jumped off the third floor balcony into the snow next to my building...good thing there was like two feet of snow to break their fall. China Garden was delivering during the storm, too.”


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