Chapter 20:




Well, what can I say. It’s a food court. But I’d like to note that when I was at Delaware, we had a dream. A dream that some day, we would be able to buy Taco Bell using our meal plans. We fought for this dream, and, though it didn’t come to fruition during our time there, the generations that followed would reap the benefits of our fortitude. You’re welcome.


Uh, and now like, the Taco Bell in Trabant is long gone. But anyway…


One Taco Supreme, Four Mistakes


“Well, this one time I was eating Taco Bell at Trabant, right after everyone filed back into town from Spring Break. I was seeing this girl at the time and she had gone to Cancun for break without me. Mistake #1.


So, after going to see her the night before and talk about how her Spring Break was, it was revealed that she had ‘met someone’ on her trip to Mexico and done this, that, and the other with him, but he didn't go to Delaware and it was no big deal. Being the party veteran that I am, I gave her a free pass, took it on the chin, and said to myself, ‘Hey, I probably would have done the same thing if I was there,’ and just got on with it.


Well, the next day, as I was sitting there in Trabant with a few lads from my usual Ivy Hall gang, I see her from across the way standing by Baskin-Robbins. I figured I'd just whack down the rest of my Taco Supreme and swagger over there to say hello. Mistake #2.


Lo and behold, before I got a chance to vaporize that taco, I see some fire-hydrant-looking ginzo go up and start smooching my chick. What was I to do?


So, after the advice from a few of my bunch to calm down and see what else happens (I think this was more for their entertainment purposes than for my benefit), I ran over there, stepped in front of him and told her to make sure that the next time she decides to make out with some dick in public, make sure I wasn't watching.


I later tried to work it all out with her to no avail. Mistake #3. That place should have never been built. Mistake #4. I probably could have lived in ignorant bliss if it hadn't.”


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