Chapter 63:




Finally, Chapelfest has its own chapter! Which it didn’t in the original print edition of Glory Days, but now we’ve collected up enough anecdotes.


Okay, I remember Chapelfests (we're talkin’ on North Chapel, for you kids who have never been to one) as being more spontaneous things, rather than months of planning leading up to them. But yeah, as many of you know, they were often broken up by the Newark fuzz…



Chapel Juice


“I actually lived in a house on Chapel the first year it was habitable; I had to clear out the backyard, and the house actually sloped down from the front to the back. But we had some epic parties and the Chapel Around-the-Worlds were the best in the spring and fall. I was good friends with everyone on the block the years I was there.”


- Bill E, UD '00


Traffic and Chicks


“Definitely have some of my craziest memories from Chapel. One of the best times was when my friend donned our next door neighbor’s orange vest (from a part time job as a garbage man, always good for getting chicks) and a hard hat, took an upside-down trash can out into the street, and began directing the traffic, which was always congested. He was completely hammered and doing the most ridiculous hand signals, yet the funniest part was the fact that all the drivers were in complete obedience as though he was a legitimate civil servant. This went on for at least ten minutes, and I have no idea how he didn't get arrested.


I also remember throwing computers and faxes off the roof of one of the houses. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And at the last Chapelfest I went to, I think May of 2003, there was a bunch of chick fights in the mud, which always makes a good party.”


- Jamey K, UD '03


Welcome to the Jungle


“I lived at 43 North Chapel during Chapelfest 2000. The day of the party happened to fall on Cinco de Mayo, which made it twice the reason to party. I remember the night before we got four bottles of grain alcohol and a bunch of Kool-Aid mix.


Me being the good student that I was, ended up going to class that day but luckily was finished for the day at noon. I remember walking down Main Street, and when I turned the corner to walk onto North Chapel I saw a crowd of about 1,000 plus people pouring out of every house and blocking traffic on the street. You would have thought this was a Saturday afternoon, but it was during the week.


I quickly ran through the crowd to get to my house. Of course I was the first one home from class so I had to get working on the jungle juice. As I was making it people started to pour into my house and began to play beer pong on our house table. My roommates finally got home and started asking who the hell were all of these people. We ended up filling a 50 gallon trash can, full to the brim, of red jungle juice.


I made the mistake of wearing a white tee shirt and ended up with a red stain all down the front of my shirt. This did not go over well when the cops showed up and cited me for Disorderly Premise. While the cop was writing the ticket, he asked me if I was drinking and I calmly said, ‘No.’ He then asked me what was all over my shirt and I told him I spilled some Kool-Aid on me. He laughed and asked if I was sure there was nothing in the Kool-Aid, and I said, ‘Nope,’ and tried to get him to taste out of the cup that I was drinking. He said, ‘No thanks,’ gave me my ticket, and left.”


- Tobin, UD '02
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