Chapter 17:



Exterior of what had been at one time Harrington Dining Hall, August 2013Yes, it existed. I’ve found that when you utter the words “Harrington Dining Hall” to most kids who started UD post mid '90s, their jaws hit the floor. You get a lot of, “Did they have Harrington instead of Russell?” and “Where was it?!”


I’m not sure why it’s so difficult to envision where it was, but ya’ just have to think about how the Harrington Complex mirrors the Russell Complex, right across the Beach. That’s right, Harrington Dining Hall was converted into the Harrington Commons and Fitness Center (which as of this writing, is closed for renovations until further notice).


Anyway, Russell and Harrington Dining Halls co-existed, for decades. I attended UD during the tail end of Harrington’s life; Summer of '93 was when it was converted into the Commons. I guess having two dining halls on East Campus was finally deemed redundant, especially in light of the Scrounge’s popularity and Kent not too far away. Harrington Dining Hall…gone, but not forgotten!



Awwww, Poor Gilbert


“When my parents went to UD, they had both Harrington and Russell Dining Halls, and (at the time) you were assigned to a specific one. Harrington and Russell residents went to their respective dining halls, and Gilbert was split. The Gilbert split is why my parents never met in college…they ate at different dining halls!”


- Kris V, UD '02


A Special Occasion


“Wow, I can't believe there are people who don't know Harrington Dining Hall. That's where the famed ‘Surf & Turf’ dinners were served. Each student got a ticket upon entering the dining hall on that special night; one ticket was for steak, the other was for jumbo fried shrimp (that was considered total gourmet back in '90). I remember people would get their ticket and give it to a friend, so some people were lucky enough to get two steaks…or unlucky, depending on how you looked at it!”


- Stephanie, UD '93


Well Orange You Clever…


“I once watched someone steal an entire orange juice machine from Harrington Dining Hall so they could have a margarita mixer in their dorm room.”


- Amy KW, UD '91
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