Chapter 16:



Russell Dining Hall in September's since been remodeled.UD’s most trafficked dining hall…hey, it’s got the lines to prove it, right? If you lived on East Campus, this was your go-to (because of its proximity), unless you felt like Scrounging it that day. Russell was renovated going into the '90 - '91 school year, a bit more during '91 - '92, then again a decade later, and then yet another overhaul that included a remodel of the front façade. Here, quick story…


Senior Citizen Discount


Around 2002 (way before I started the DelGrads thing), I made a road trip down to UD with comedian Craig Baldo...he's UD '93, I'm UD '95. We were down there to do Geno Bisconte’s stand-up show at Kate's. More about that later on this site.


Well, Baldo and I were bumming around campus during the day, and when we got to East Campus and the Beach, we were kinda hungry, and Baldo was like "Yo, we should try to eat at Russell."


I was like, "Sure, okay, I'm game," so we walked in and I was thinking we could pay cash, or something. But then Baldo whips out his Student ID from like 1989! The guy at the card swipe machine was like "What the fuck is this?" -- not even recognizing the old school ID (“Is this Chester Copperpot?”) He even tried swiping it, but the plastic was too thick to run through the modernized scanner... was so ridiculous, the guy just said, "Go ahead in." I laughed for ten minutes, and then we dined gloriously.



Russell Rage


“I was once so hungry and hung over at Russell Dining Hall and so sick of the food (would kill to have it now), that I threw everyone’s plates at my table on the floor, and got thrown out! Good laugh, though.”


- Gary L, UD '98


The Plea of Janis


“I lived in Russell E from 1988 - 1990. A jukebox was put into the dining hall in the Spring of 1989, and I remember hearing Janis Joplin asking the lord to buy her a Mercedes Benz every night for dinner, for the rest of the school year!”


- Stephanie W, UD '92


Cold Russell Creamery


“I went there only because of necessity. Winter of 2002 I went there frequently, because I was at UD for Winter Session before going abroad that spring, and it was the only one on that side of campus that was open. The only really good thing about Russell was the ice cream bar…I loved that ice cream bar.”


- Sally G, UD '04


Do’s and Don’ts


“This was the dining hall that I went to practically every day from the years of '04 - '06. The key to successful eating at the place was timing. Do not go for dinner around 6:00 -6:30 when the rest of East Campus is as hungry as you are…you will just get hungrier and possibly faint like that girl did in the Scrounge lines in '05 (I think!) Anywayyy, omelets were always good, and so was the sandwich bar and salad bars. Ice cream was great, but they’d shut it down before the dining hall actually closed. Russell Express was actually pretty helpful when you're in a rush, too.


It was pretty funny when people dropped glasses on the tile floor there, because it makes such a loud noise and literally EVERYONE in the dining hall will call you out on it and totally embarrass you.”


- Kimberly, UD '07


Cutting to the Chase…again!


“Russell Dining Hall had the best women.”


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