Chapter 23:




This short chapter is basically “everywhere else” on UD’s main campus where you could feed yourself on points. Some of these places you might have totally forgotten about, evoking an, “Ohhhh, shit. I forgot about that place!”


Smitty’s is that little thing in Smith Hall. Hey, what can I tell you, I was a Business major, and had a ton of classes in Purnell (The since built MBNA Hall -- or Lerner Hall now -- was a small parking lot during my time). Anyway, I'd grab a couple of donuts or a muffin or whatever other garbage from there, to tie me over until lunch.


The Library Commons. The food stand thing in there. It's gone through at least three incarnations since the early '90s; was named the Heart Cart in 1992, then Euro Bistro in 1999, and then became Bleecker Street in 2006! That means it’s due for another name change, to maintain the pattern. Personally, I'd like to name it, "You expect me to study or something in here, with all these cute chicks running around? Are you baked?" But that might be too wordy.


The Roundhouse is that thing in Graham Hall. Location better explained: If you’re facing Pearson Hall (which was Newark Hall, up until Summer 1994), it’s that thing towards the left. Apparently when it first opened up, it was just a couple of fridges and some hot dogs. Then it got inexplicably busy in 1993 and went full-service. I believe though it’s scaled back down a bit since then. I can probably count on one hand how many times I got food at the Roundhouse.


Walter’s Café is buried in the basement of Hullihen Hall. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.


The Hot Dog Cart pops up outside, when the weather is nice. Think it started around 2004. Not to be confused with Main Street’s infamous (and now retired) Hot Dog Lady, who will be mentioned again, in another chapter!


The Blue & Gold Club. Closed in 2009, it was the classy place across from the President’s House. I remember some people going to there to dump points (almost as a goof), which was allowed for a while. The building originally was a private house built in the '20s, that was then donated to UD in 1966. The Blue & Gold Club opened in the early '70s.


Vita Nova is the reservation-only upscale restaurant in Trabant, operated by UD’s Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management students. According to their site, “Vita Nova” in Latin signifies “New Life” or a “New Beginning.” To me it means, “I’m not seeing a cheeseburger on the menu.”



Surviving on Smitty’s


“Smitty's is where I had my first bagel. My freshman year ('90 - '91), I had language classes that were five days a week in and around Smith, so I lived on Smitty's food. I'd get a bagel for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch…that's when they were cheap! But I never knew it was called Smitty's until I came back to UD around 1997.


As for Walter's, I'm not sure when it opened, but it's always been geared for UD staff, especially in Hullihen and the Library. It's one of few places open between sessions. It's little more than a snack bar a la Smitty's, with food brought in from elsewhere. They do have soup and hot dogs and such, though. It really is just a corner in the basement with a lady and a cash register...near where we used to drop off the course scan sheets for registration.”


- Glenn F, UD '94, er…'06


Walter’s Wrap


“Awww, Walter's Cafe. I found this place during a week between sessions. I worked at the Library and was desperate for lunch one day and someone sent me over to Walter’s. I had the best turkey wrap EVER that day. Mmmm.”


- Kristen K, UD '05


Cutting to the Chase…yet again!


“The Roundhouse was terrible.”


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