Chapter 34:




Okay, so, the evolution of the UD campus since the early '90s has been ridiculous. Which I mean in the best kind of way. For many of you, the campus was the main draw; it’s why you applied, and why you decided to attend. Very understandable. We can go on forever about every building and landscape change (and stories related to them), but sure you understand, I gotta cap it at some point. Though, I’d be remiss not to include the following…




McKinly Lab is that building adjacent to East Delaware Ave. It’s one of UD’s atypical hideous buildings; yes, it’s the one where outside you feel like you’re walking on a roof. In 2007, the “roof” was being redone or renovated, or something. One of the things they must have fixed:


The Claim…


“There was a carton of yogurt that's been stuck in the McKinly skylight for at least 15 years! I think it was still there (as of 2007).”


- Chryss, UD '94


…the Confirmation!


“I can actually confirm that it was still there, as of March 5, 2007. I was walking over to Pearson, and I saw the skylights for McKinley and decided to check it out for myself. First I saw some old tennis balls, a can of Nestea lodged somewhere behind there, and an old, rusting floppy disk. Then I saw it; a black and white plastic container of yogurt, with a ‘September’ expiration date on the bottom. I bet it expired in 1992. You couldn't have paid me to open that cup.”


- Jeremy, UD '09




September 2006Also known as the “Gerbil Tube” or the “Habitrail” (which is simply a brand name of gerbil tubes). The thing is, the Smith Overpass used to look a lot more like a Gerbil Tube; it was redone at the same time Gore Hall was being constructed, in the late '90s. The original Smith Overpass had a rounded top, and really had that segmented plastic look. Anyway, it was always a nice landmark beacon, when you were drunk wandering the campus by night. Gave you a sense of direction.


DelaWeather: Battling the Elements


“What is there to say about the Gerbil Tube? Well, the thing was a damn WIND TUNNEL…and it was a nice place for smokers to take cover when the weather was being Delaware-ish (not so nice for those of us who had to walk through the occasional haze to get to classes in Gore!) Also, it's nice to not have to risk your life dealing with the cars whizzing around down below.”


- MC, UD '06

Rumor: The Smith Overpass was once hit by a truck.


Dude, this is: True. Happened in the early to mid '80s. I think. The truck obviously exceeded the clearance, and hit the overpass. No one was hurt, fortunately.




Some big time bush, September 2006This current generation seems to really like trimmed bush. I actually don’t mind the '70s au natural look. But let’s talk about landscaping for a moment. Summer of '98 is when they planted that UD logo that faces South College Ave, in front of Smith Hall. The interlocking “UD” is comprised of crimson pigmy barberry bushes. Meaning, it’s a redhead.


Trim Shot


“My parents made me take pictures in front of that thing on graduation day...sigh.”


- Keri F, UD '06




The classic CSB "airport hangar" entrance in September 2006. Now gone!I don’t think I ever heard the Carpenter Sports Building referred to as the “Little Bob” when I was at UD. Probably because the BIG Bob was so new at the time, that both nicknames didn’t take yet. The CSB opened in 1942, was overhauled in 2000, and then another huge overhaul (and addition) in 2013.


I played Men’s Club Volleyball there '92 - '94, which was a very easy walk from my room on North Central. I also remember at the beginning of each semester, people had to go there for weight training orientation; you had to be "passed" to lift. A legal insurance thing, I should think. Though, the strangest thing about the Carpenter Sports Building was its use as a concert venue…imagine seeing Radiohead in there. Well, it happened, in 1993. Supporting act was Belly!


As for Frazier Field (I’ve also seen it spelled “Frazer”, with no “i”), it was the original site of UD football games. Now you’ll see a lot of people playing pick-up, intramurals, various team practices, or maybe just some kids passed out. Oh, also there’s now a brick wall along the far side of it, to prevent you from cutting through the train tracks…which I did do on occasion, when I lived on East Cleveland. You know the reason for the wall, and I think it was the right move.




Grove entrance on Academy Street, September 2006A lot of people don’t realize that “The Grove” is the official UD name for the wooded area next to Alison Hall, as entered from Academy Street (across from Perkins). Usually you just walk right through it, on your way to wherever you’re going. Next time you’re on campus (or if you’re a current student), make sure you stop for a second. It’s really a beautiful little piece of campus.


Campus Critter: Bronze Age


“I was at UD when those bronze goat statues were put up in 2001. Everyone thought it was rather odd that they were just randomly placed there one day. But from what I heard later on, they were actually a donation from a family in honor and memory of their children. The Grove is absolutely beautiful in the spring time when all the trees are in bloom.”


- Brenda, UD '02


Campus Critter: The Brave and The Bold


“The squirrels who live in the Grove are very brave. I've almost stepped on a few of them while running, and I’ve heard tales of people hitting them with their bikes. Also, the initials of lovebirds carved into the trees gives in a nice, romantic touch.”


- Veronica, UD '08




September 2006. This is under the footbridge that connects to Laird Campus.Quite possibly our ultimate Campus Critter. This is that giant metal Blue Hen sculpture thing, that has moved around campus. In my day it was parked next to Colburn Lab, but it currently sits under the (somewhat) new pedestrian bridge on Laird Campus. A classic UD prank was a huge blue plaster penis strapped to the metal Blue Hen, with “Class of '94” written on the shaft. Though I don’t know if it was complete with blue…balls. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Rumor: If UD ever graduates a virgin, the metal Blue Hen will fly away.


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