Chapter 7:



Ray Street in September 2006When I started UD in 1991, the paint was still drying on the Ray Street walls, as they opened that same school year. Well, Ray Street was a big deal because they were the first "modern" UD dorms -- the most recent new residence hall construction prior to that, were the Towers and Pencader. That’s a 20 year gap. I do think Ray Street is significant, in that it was built early on in the UD building boom, that’s still going on today.


Ray Street houses just over 300 people each year (meaning, not a lot of people live there), and I think that’s why you don’t hear all that much about it. Some people say that they are the “quieter” dorms, given their location. I mean, when I was a freshman in Dickinson, I was like, “The Ray Street dorms are where?” Answer: “They're on Ray Street, retard.” My response: “Yeah, but where is that?” Answer: “It's by East Cleveland and North Street.” My response: “Yeah, but where is that?”


Special Interest housing was what Ray Street was supposed to be for; clusters of students living together, who were all into the same whatever. Spanish, French, etc. I pushed for a “Boob Lovers” house, but was rejected, despite my numerous presentations involving diagrams, flowcharts, and laser light shows.


There were articles in The Review in '94 and '95 about how there was a lack of interest in…Special Interest. So, Ray Street basically settled into what it has become; a mix of some Special Interest, and regular first year or upperclassmen housing as necessary.



Take a Seat: A Simple Plan


“Do doors count as furniture? My friends were moving out of Ray Street A the first year that they were open, so it was really obvious that if there was any damage, there was no way to use the ‘It was like that when I moved in,’ excuse.


Probably not very smart, but they'd hung a dartboard on the back of their door, and used it all year. Realizing they'd be charged for all the holes in the door, they came up with a plan to swap the door with their suitemates, who had already moved out.


After getting both doors off the hinges and making the swap, someone realized before it was too late that the numbers on the doors had to be switched, too. Only after doing all that work, did somebody figure out that the keys couldn't be swapped, since one set was already turned in. It was a brilliant idea except for that, and don't think that we didn't try to figure out how to switch the doorknobs, too.”


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