Chapter 22:



Inside the Harry Mart, September 2006Now, is this the stupidest chapter on this site? I mean, a mini-chapter dedicated to the Rodney (R.I.P.), Harrington, and Christiana Commons markets? Trust me, things will get even stupider.


Really, the only thing I want to mention here, is that in the Fall of 1991 there was a momentous new offering in the markets: CONDOMS. One condom was 35 cents, and a pack of three was $1.35. And it’s not that I actually remembered the prices from back then; those are the numbers I dug up when “researching” for this. But wait a second. Buying a pack of three was actually more expensive than buying three individually? I guess when you’re all horned-up, any sense of economic evaluation goes out the window!



I Want Candy


“I loved going on late-night runs to one of the Marts (mostly Harry Mart my freshman year, and then either Christiana or Rodney the rest of my time there) whenever my friends and I felt like procrastinating. My favorite kinds of candy were the gummy peaches and the sour gummy worms. One time I got a bagful of sour gummy worms and ate the entire thing in one sitting. No wonder I gained so much weight in college…thanks Harry Mart, Rodney Mart, and Christiana Commons!


I also loved how at the end of the year, the stores would be cleaned out by students using up their leftover points. One year, when wanting to use up the last of my points, I wasn't left with much choice so I was stuck with bags of Blue Hen-shaped pasta!”


- Brenda, UD '02


Happy Harry!


“I worked at Harrington Market…this had to be the BEST JOB ever on campus! I got paid to meet new friends, eat free food, and hang out while I worked. Easy job; just push some buttons on the register, have the students swipe their card or occasionally have to make change, and that was it. Lots of antics went on in the ‘back room’ that I just won't mention here. Any friend of mine did get a nice hookup. I also got to keep any leftover bagels and pretzels, which was cool. Anyone who worked there would agree that this job rocked! And the bright blue shirt I had to wear, too, was oh so stylish!”


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