Got a great UD anecdote, photo, scan, or anything else you think belongs on the site? See something that needs to be updated? Just email it to delgrads(at), for consideration.


Submissions play by the same rules as when the print incarnation of Glory Days at Delaware was being compiled, back in 2007. You can view that original release form HERE (contact info slightly tweaked), and basically when you submit anything to the site, you’re agreeing to the same thing. Don’t freak out, it’s actually a pretty simple agreement!


In terms of name credit on the site, just let Digger know (the guy typing this) if you wanna go with your first name last initial, maybe first name only, maybe initials only, your nickname, or as “Anonymous,” if absolutely necessary. Just not your full name. But no matter what, please provide your graduation year! That detail is usually critical, in that it puts your contribution in context.


What we’re most lookin’ for…


• Anecdotes that “fill in the blanks,” where we seem light on commentary in that particular chapter. Really though, anything of the killer or hilarious variety, send it. We can add content all over the site.


• Factual information that we may be missing, or correct us if you’ve found anything on the site that’s askew!


• Photos that demonstrate “then and now.” So, that’d be campus buildings, Main Street businesses, etc., that no longer exist, or have drastically changed over the years. That sort of thing. Have a pic of Harrington Dining Hall or inside the Down Under for example? Send it. (Many of you never knew either, but that’s the point.)


• Photos of legendary UD annual parties. Wilburfest, Skidfest, Chapelfest, bring it on.


• Photos of UD life, that everybody could relate to the setting, circumstance, or nostalgia. A generic pic of you with your friends is probably not that interesting to anyone but you and your friends, but if it’s you and your friends in the Stone Balloon in 1987, different story.


• Photos of mugs, hats, t-shirts, etc., that will bring back memories for your fellow Blue Hens.


• Ditto on nice clean scans of whatever. Have a menu or something from the old Rodney Underground? Scan please.


• Also, any relevant videos you may dig up on YouTube, please point us in that direction, thanks!


Other ways to contribute…


• Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Seriously though, the more awareness we can get via social media, the better. Thanks in advance.


• Post a link to a Glory Days chapter on your Facebook wall, and stuff. You undoubtedly have a lot of UD friends on Facebook who will potentially see it and share, so again, it’ll really help in spreading the word.


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