Chapter 37 (cont.)


Sophie’s Choice


“Eagle Diner on Elkton Road was, I think, my favorite greasy spoon diner ANYWHERE. I have not been able to find greasy omelets to match them anywhere else in the country. The Crab Trap was always the restaurant that I went to with my parents when they came to visit. I guess it's because we are Marylanders and suckers for anything with ‘crab’ in the name.


This probably doesn't count as ‘real’ college food since it is healthy, but I always really liked Lettuce Feed You in the Galleria. They were a bit pricey, but their salads were made and tossed to order and they were quite yummy. Very convenient when I lived in North Central. I was a ‘starving’ Art major though, and once, at the end of the month, I actually had to pick between buying a salad at Lettuce Feed You or buying art supplies to finish a painting. I counted the meager dollars in my wallet and walked out of Lettuce Feed You with a tear in my eye…I'm serious.”


- Carrie, UD '02


Ice Cream, Corner, Coke


“From 1990 to 1993, I lived on Ben & Jerry's from 7-Eleven on Elkton Road, Corner Deli, and glass-bottle coke from Newark Newsstand.”


(Digger’s Note: The Corner Deli was a favorite of mine when I lived in North Central; it was in one of the buildings demolished to make way for The Galleria!)


- Glenn F, UD '94, er…'06


Delaware Domino Effect


“I worked at the Cleveland Avenue Domino's Pizza for the entire five years that I went to Delaware. The last few years I was there, the shop was I think tenth in the NATION for the amount of pizza sold at any Domino's Pizza. We sold record amounts of pizza back then. I would work weekends (Thursday through Sunday) from 5 PM until 1 AM for $5.50 an hour. I was living on Wilbur Street back then too, so I would pile ‘mistake’ pizzas up in the back of my car for my late night friends. When I'd get home at 1:30 in the morning, there would be a crowd of people waiting for me. It's still my favorite pizza.”


- Jen, UD '93


Beer Night, Baguette Morning


“My hangover food was a turkey and cheese on a baguette from Treats! Sometimes I still crave it. Treats was the best.”


- Christa, UD '96


Bombs Away


“Wilbur Street Deli (Digger’s Note: Formerly Angie’s!) was the originator of ‘The Bomb,’ one of the greatest late night meals. It contained chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, wing sauce, and blue cheese. The Bomb has since been knocked off by every deli shop in town. Around 2004, Wilbur Street Deli moved off of Wilbur Street, and was renamed ‘The New Wilbur Street Deli.’ In its place came Paradise Pizza, which closed during the Winter of '05 - '06, after a year in business. (Digger’s Note: And now the building is totally gone!)


- Ben C, UD '06


Two-for-One Special


“My favorite pizza at UD was from Pizza U…not because their pizza was the best, but because one time, we walked from the Towers to the bowling alley, got drunk, and didn't want to walk home. So we called and ordered a pizza to the Towers, and when the man emerged to get into his delivery car, we scored a ride home with him and our pie.”


- Caroline, UD '09


Malt Shoppe, R.I.P.


“I worked at the Malt Shoppe on Main Street, late in my sophomore year until graduation. I was a ‘punk rock girl’ living in Gilbert, the Towers and finally East Cleveland Ave (what a year!) The Malt Shoppe was a funny place, where we were allowed to be rude if need be. Susie owned the place and let us borrow money and eat for free. She was a total hippie, and let her workers be. All of us were referred to her from people who already worked at the Malt Shoppe. You had to have an ‘in’ to work there.


During my years I worked lunch rush and closing. It was a very clean place where we made vegetable sandwiches, meat sandwiches, cheese melts, homemade soup and vegetarian chili. We had tuna salad (I lived on that) and egg salad. I made malts and milkshakes and other concoctions in the old fashioned mixers, you could always add wheat germ if you needed to. I think Susie might have developed the early smoothie!


The Malt Shoppe appealed to everyone. One of my favorite sandwiches was a Swiss fondue. This was a bagel with cream cheese and Swiss cheese melted together…sounds gross, but it was delicious. I also squeezed cases of lemons for homemade lemonade. We had herbal iced tea, and of course, coffee. The sandwich fixings included tomatoes, sprouts, onions, cucumbers, lettuce, and a lot of other assorted green stuff. Susie used Arnold’s bread of the wheat variety, with delicious corn muffins and bagels. She did not use American cheese, only Provolone and Swiss. Susie used roast beef, turkey, and ham. I had an old hippie guy who would order all vegetable sandwiches everyday, boy was he annoying. Most everything was good. Susie even sold Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars.


The funny thing about working at the Malt Shoppe was the customer was not always right. The staff was. You didn't like the food? Oh well, leave, we didn't care. Too many people to care! Also some of the staff could very well have smoked something besides tobacco before you ordered. Susie paid us in cash, but legal, all appropriate taxes were taken out. She gave great holiday bonuses, especially good for those of us with longevity.  She gave annual picnics for us, and graduation gifts. Susie had no kids but she took care of the whole lot of us. It was a wonderful and safe place to work, where we could work and be ourselves. All good memories!”


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