Chapter 43 (cont.)


Last UD Chick Standing


“My sophomore year, my room in Smyth was the ‘party room.’ This was back when Smyth was still an all girls dorm. Usually we had about two cases of beer and three bottles of wine in our little fridge...that's right, there was never any food in there, and we also had at least five bottles of liquor stashed in the closet. Anyway, we ran out of alcohol one weekend, and all we had was like a twelve-pack and a bottle of wine, and there were five girls.


So, we decided to have a power hour. A shot of beer a minute? What's the big deal about that, right? Only two of us were standing at the end of the hour. Of course the biggest challenge of the hour was who could go pee in less than a minute, so you wouldn't miss the next shot. And that's how I learned not the take forever in the bathroom at a bar!”


- Danielle, UD '95




“My birthday was right before Thanksgiving recess, so I went all out! Spent my 21st b-day at Kate's drinking shots of Cement Mixers, Lemon Drops, and Red Death (ouch). That night was a total blackout for me. I have no idea how I got home. Don't remember puking my guts out in the bathroom…which was probably a good thing. Spent the next day driving home to NJ feeling like total garbage. Ahhhh, the good ole’ days!”


- Diane W, UD '98


Kool Color


“Freshman year we drank vodka and Kool-Aid before we went out to a house party. My good friend puked in her hair on the bus on the way back to the dorm, and the puke dyed her blonde hair pink.”


- Gretchen, UD '95


Your Flip Cup Team Has Spoken


“Oh yes, the many games...Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Asshole, etc. My favorite, which I believe one of my friends started, was Survivor Flip Cup. This game was created when Survivor was a big deal on TV. Just like normal Flip Cup with several teams. However, when your team loses, you have to vote off a player from your team, but the cup stays. In the end, you would be down to one person having to flip and drink several cups.”


- Anonymous, UD '02


Wasting No Time


“My first night of UD, September of '91, me and three other guys bought beer at a package store (Digger’s Note: Even though this was forever ago, the actual store shall remain nameless, for selling to underage!) As we walked away with a twelve-pack in each hand to bring back to the dorm room, we passed Public Safety. We were arrested and fingerprinted on the spot for underage possession. Funny, my parents were gone no more than five hours, and I was already on probation.”


- Anonymous, UD '95


21 and a Tiara


“I turned 21 at the beginning of March; I was the first of my roommates to turn 21 and in fact, it was a pretty ugly month as three of us turned 21 within 21 days of each other! My birthday was on a Sunday, so we drank all day in my apartment on Saturday and then headed to the Stone Balloon. The party at the apartment was insane, and I think everyone was pretty drunk before we headed out. We got to the bar and it was 11:55, so they made me wait five minutes in the cold before letting me in.


My guy friends had bought me a tiara because it was so unlike me. I ended up doing my 21 shots plus one more (thanks to starting out early in the day). I think I did eight of them in a row upon walking into the bar, thanks to my friends and the random people there. I was told we went to a party somewhere else, and some girl was celebrating her birthday also, and wanted my crown. She had it for like two seconds and took a picture with it, before I demanded it back because it was my 21st birthday, and she was only 20! I threw up once in the trashcan beside my bed, before passing out fully dressed. Woke up in just my shirt with people passed out on the floor all around me. It was a pretty fun night.”


- Kris V, UD '02


King Beer


“Every party I've ever been to had Beer Pong. I've also been in some Flip Cup tournaments and a case race or two. There was also Drunk Taboo where you had to drink for every question the other team got right. The worst was probably Kings. By the time that fourth king was flipped, you'd have a cup with some beer, whiskey, Mike's, and Smirnoff Ice…or some other incredibly nasty concoction.”


- Greg M, UD '07


I’ve Been Framed!


“I got a fake ID in NYC winter of my sophomore year. It said I was from Vermont, and I thought it was pretty good…except it said it was issued in August and I was wearing a heavy turtleneck sweater, ha. It got taken away at the liquor store on 896. The guy stared at it for about ten minutes, and even pulled out a book with pictures of real IDs. My fake ID is now hanging, and has been for years, in a frame on the wall of that store with all the other IDs they’ve taken. I guess that’s supposed to be an example or something. The ironic part is that I still go there whenever I’m in DE to stock up, because that’s the cheapest liquor store. I sort of want to ask for it back, just for kicks.”


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