Yep, you’ve landed on MugNight.com, home to the online nostalgia book Glory Days at Delaware: The Completely Unofficial Modern History of College Life in Newark, DE.


Presented in a “Remember that time in college when…” format, Glory Days at Delaware compiles hundreds of humorous stories, anecdotes, pictures, and interviews, as contributed by decades’ worth of UD students. Memories of every dorm, every dining hall, every bar, and just about everything in-between. From the, “I totally forgot about that!” to the, “I never knew about that!”


Food, clothing, shelter, sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, beers, bars, books, bricks, Blue Hens! Unofficial and (pretty much) uncensored, this is how we really remember our college years; from sneaking kegs into the dorms, to cross campus walks-of-shame. Towers to Dickinson, anyone?


For those of you who were around for our beginnings during the MySpace heyday in the form of “DelGrads,” (read about it here) thanks so much again for your contributions to what evolved into 2007’s first print edition of Glory Days at Delaware. Yes, it’s true, I tried to buy an ad for that scandalous 463 page tome in the UD Messenger alumni magazine, and was denied! Oh, the filth.


Still available (for now), the 2007 original print edition.Then, years later, it was time to update Glory Days and a decision had to be made: a new version of the book that would probably be 600 plus pages? Or a massive website that puts the whole thing online (like, forever), with no limit to page count, color photos, embedded videos, expanded and additional content, and the freedom to update it at any time. You’re reading this, so you know the direction I went with. Will it ever be a book again? Never say never.


So, for those of you who purchased a copy or three of Glory Days at Delaware the first time around, I can’t thank you enough for supporting the book, and the great reviews and press it received back in 2007 and 2008. Hopefully the print version has a prime place of honor on your bookshelf…or at least in your bathroom, above the toilet. I mean hey, really, it’s a college humor book.


And, for those of you who missed the original submission deadline for Glory Days (or are just discovering this whole ridiculous thing now), here’s your chance. And yep, you intentionally won’t be credited by your full name, so your parents and employers don’t unearth the fact that you barfed at three different Main Street bars on your 21st birthday. You’re welcome!


- Digger, UD '95

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